About the Convention

Furry Lah is a furry convention, held right in Sunny Singapore from November 25th to 27th 2016. The convention will bring you the best of the fuzzy fandom right here in Singapore with fusion of local Singaporean twist here lah!

What is a “furry” you say? Furry is a person or “fursona” who identifies themselves as part of cultural fanbase of people known as “furries”. The fandom is largely an artistic interest group, similar to the fan clubs from fictional universes such as Japanese Anime, Star Wars and Dr Who. The fandom is a cosmopolitan one, comprising of people from all walks of life- we have artists, writers, musicians and our iconic fursuiters (people who dress up in mascot-like animal costumes). You can read up more of the fandom in our FAQ here.

Convention Events
The convention will span two days, the first day (Saturday) on the 25-27th November will comprise of in-house panels held at Quarter’s Hostel. Only registered attendees can attend these panels and the convention venue.

The convention registration are open! You can register as a convention attendee or if you are feeling generous, a covention sponsor, a a sponsor you will get several exclusive convention perks and limited merchandise. Do note that given limited venue space and safety, limited attendee slots are available on a first-come basis, so get fuzzy lah and secure yourself at the convention here!