What is a furry?
A furry (plural: furries) is a buzz word for anthropomorphic creatures, simply put – a humanoid creature or being with animal characteristics. Each furry usually has a Fursona (synonymous to a “persona”) one or several (also known as hybrids) animal characteristics. Common species include canines, felines as well as dragons, while exotic choices range from marsupials to cetaceans. There are no specific rules on what the animal characteristics can go on a furry character, which encourages and nurtures creativeness and diversity in the Furry Fandom. Imagination is the limit!

What is the Furry Fandom?
The Furry Fandom is largely an artistic interest group, similar to the fan clubs spawned from fictional universes such as Japanese Anime, Star Wars and Dr Who. The people in the fandom come from all walks of life, all over the world, sharing the same interests of anthropomorphic animals. Some connect to the fandom through their general love for animals or their pets, while some see it as an animal-spiritual bond. There is also a thriving and vibrant art scene in the fandom largely comprised of painters, illustrators, animators and cartoonists, as well as a large performing scene where furries dress up like animal mascots. These are primary mediums in which the fandom expresses this interest for anthropomorphic animals.

What are those animal costumes I see?
Those mascots costumes are what you call fursuits, technically a buzzword for furry-suit costume.