Standards of Conduct

General Conduct
Please respect others’ right to enjoy the event. Any activity which is considered illegal outside the event is considered illegal inside the event. The event staff may ask you to immediately suspend any dubious activity or take it outside the venue area. While in public or convention spaces, attendees are to act in an orderly manner when attending the event. Event staff reserves the right to refuse entry or evict you if you are behaving in a disorderly, offensive or inappropriate manner. Repeat offenders may have their membership revoked.

Badge Policy
All registered members will get a lanyard and at least one membership badge. Any badges issued to you is only valid for the year as indicated on the badge. You must wear the official badge at all times during the event, and the event staff can request to see proof of membership at any time. Event staff may deny you entry to the event space if you do not have an official badge.

Media Policy
We do not allow ANY external media coverage at the event. Attendees purchasing a membership agree not to act as media agents in any way, shape, or form while attending our event. Making photographic, audio or video recordings of any convention event for investigative or commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

As a convention attendee, you are a guest of the hotel and must abide by the hotel’s rules and policies whenever you are on the premises. However, if you are unsure if something is allowed, the hotel’s front desk will be able to assist you. If you are removed from the hotel for violation of their rules, you immediately forfeit your event membership and must surrender your proof of membership. You are responsible for any damage you cause to hotel property. No sleeping is allowed at the event space and public spaces of the hotel at all times.

Harassment and Assault
Harassment is defined as any behavior that intentionally causes discomfort to another person. This includes making any unwanted physical contact, following someone around a public area, or threatening to physically attack someone. Please respect people’s decision if they request that you leave them alone. If you do not leave them alone as they have requested, your actions may be grounds for a complaint of harassment. If you feel that you are being harassed, or you have been assaulted, please report the matter immediately to the event staff.

We do not allow any form of weapons and weapons that fire projectiles that can potentially cause property damage. Water guns of any kind are not allowed due to the potential for damage to costumes, hotel property, etc. Toy and prop firearms are acceptable. Making any threatening gesture with any weapon or firearm, both real and replica, may form grounds for immediate expulsion from the event. The only exception to this shall be at a prearranged demonstration or event with the permission of the event coordinators. All weapons must be fully concealed in public areas.

Under-age Members
Minors under the age of 16 shall be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or an adult designated as responsible by their parent or guardian at all times.

Violations and Appeals
Violation of these policies will be handled by event staff as deemed appropriate. Violators will be asked to cease and desist. Violators may have their membership revoked and a 400 day ban placed. Two members of the executive committee (one of whom must be the event’s chairperson or vice-chairperson are required in order to revoke a membership. Membership revocations are final, however a ban may be appealed. Decisions made by the Board of Directors are final.